Planning forum does not go far enough

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THE launch of the new pre-application consultation forum is a welcome move towards greater transparency and a portal for scrutiny by those affected by ill-conceived and self-centred planning applications.

To be really useful to the victims, though, it should have been applied to developments involving considerably less than 30 dwellings.

At this level, developers will soon find a work around and as long as applications meet planning criteria councillors will unlikely stand in their way.

Never has this been more evident than the recent comments made by Cllr Godfrey Daniel in his reference to the building of 51 homes in the Ore Valley as being “not the best application in the world but there is no reason to turn it down”.

That sounds like a very apathetic stance.

Surely the very fact that the development is not the best application is every reason to turn it down?

When all is said and done, can we really entrust our elected representatives to seek the best quality developments for our town when they adopt that sort of defeatist attitude?

I hope the forum raises the bar for excellence as clearly we cannot rely on our councillors to do the same.


Birch Way