Plan must have traffic measures

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Geoff Morris, Bexhill Road, Hastings

I feel compelled to respond to Erica Barrett in regards to my naivety regarding the safety aspects to the proposed Aldi redevelopment on Bexhill Road.

Erica, I’m not naïve, I’m just raising the blinding obvious concern that although the link road has to some degree relieved the volume of traffic off Bexhill Road, a development of this nature must have additional traffic control measures implemented as part of the scheme and not rely on a controlled pedestrian crossing some 100m westwards.

The new store you reference off the A259 in Ore village replaces a previous large DIY store that was constructed some 35 years ago that had similar levels of traffic accessing and exiting as the new store currently has. However, what that section of the road has is a junction layout controlled by traffic lights just below the store entrance, whereas the proposed store on Bexhill Road does not.

I also appreciate the traffic problems along The Ridge historically and even more so today following the opening of the link road.

Erica’s long term campaign for improvements does her credit, I can understand the frustration she must feel with ESCC. I too have on record my views of the failure of both ESCC and HBC in regards to infrastructure improvements at the West St Leonards end of town.

I hopefully shall enjoy a shopping experience should the new retail development come to fruition and not to sound too dramatic, even if I do have to take my life in my hands to shop there.