Pier remains a blot on the landscape

HASTINGS Borough Council is working hard to regenerate the town and is to be congratulated on its many successes. However, the first thing many people see on arriving in Hastings is our poor old pier and, particularly, the mangled mass of steel that was once the ballroom.

I appreciate that much is being done behind the scenes to secure a feasible future for the pier but this could take years and, meanwhile, the pier remains a blot on the landscape, undermining all the other good work going on.

Realistically the first thing that will have to be done, whatever the pier’s future and whoever owns it, is the demolition of the ballroom and other damaged buildings and removal of the steel and debris and I wonder why this cannot be achieved immediately?

Without the wreckage at the end it would look far less unsightly and would send out a more positive message to visitors and residents than the current dilapidated buildings.

It is not, of course, the solution to the long-term problem of the pier but it is certainly a feasible ‘quick fix’ while the negotiations continue.



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