Pier project security issue


AS an adopted son of Hastings town, I was thrilled to hear we are ever closer to re-instating the pier in all its glory.

My concern, as is everybody’s I would imagine, is the issue of security.

I am sure the powers to be have all ready considered this but here are a few silly ideas just in case:

once past the square area of the pier from the pavement, the section where it narrows, why not have a section that raises (Tower Bridge style) or perhaps a section that lowers making it impossible to reach the end of the pier?

Of course, the roadside would have a section of ornate iron railing that would stop us all falling in like a load of lemmings.

Very silly I know, but they laughed at Barnes Wallis and his bouncing bomb and also Logie Baird.

I do hope the authorities keep a eye on the CCTV cameras and the film.


Mount Pleasant