Pier needs to provide entertainment centre

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WAS I the only one disappointed by the ideas for our iconic pier?

It all sounds very high-minded and reminded me of the art gallery project. Where’s the entertainment?

Saving the pier I thought was more about providing a centre for fun rather than education, and the fact that an ex-Disney official was involved seemed to suggest a possible touch of Disney magic.

Surely we learned from the last ‘different’ view of use for our lovely old pier.

We marched to restore a centre of fun and entertainment in the town, something day trippers expect, if we have many of them after the disastrous loss of the coach park and the awful traffic problems it has caused.

In this recession people need cheering up and will flock to a reasonably priced venue that keeps their children happy and occupied for a while so they can relax.

Linked to the Holidays at Home project it would become ‘a viable economic entity in its own right’ much quicker.


Badgers Wood