Picture proudly says ‘this is where I live’

CONGRATULATIONS to Trevor Anderson for his excellent prize winning photograph featured in last week’s Observer.

I remember the article earlier this year that put me off entering the competition.

An Observer journalist spent a day with judge Grace Lau and was advised, if I remember correctly, no seagulls, no boats, no fishermen.

Trevor’s photo encapsulates all that the judges thought wasn’t worthy of a picture, as did last year’s public vote winner, Maria Booth, with a photo of seagulls by the net huts. The Stade does not mean a bench, an unidentifiable piece of architecture, Fairlight cliffs and so on, to the real people of Hastings and St Leonards it is a place where the fishermen work and we are lucky enough to be able to interact with.

Trevor’s photo is a picture that proudly says: ‘This is where I live’.


North Street

St Leonards