Permanent fix is what’s needed

KEVIN Head rightly highlights the appalling condition of Rock-a-Nore car park. It is unbelievable that having risked suspension, tyres and steering to get into the place, you have to pay to leave your car there.

That car park has been in poor poor condition for years - it’s not a recent thing. The council should have someone at the entrance paying us to go in.

Some of the roads in Hastings are little better. Tower Road with its mountain range like undulations at the junction with Bohemia, Dordrecht Way adds insult to injury with needless speed humps on top of a cratered cart track and a turn left into Station Approach always leaves me wondering if my car will emerge unscathed.

And finally - still on transport - the pointed hat transport department at East Sussex County Council has deemed that a busy local retail park sandwiched between a clogged up road and a railway line doesn’t warrant a basic station while £100 million plus is spent on the Link Road. You’ll find their office in one of the deeper potholes at Rock-a-Nore if you want to complain.


Wellis Gardens

St Leonards