Perils and joys of walking to school

I AM very sorry to hear of the young boy in one of your articles in the Observer being struck by a car in Quebec Road.

I can’t however help but question how fast (or slow!) the driver must of been travelling for a plastic lunchbox to take ‘most of the impact’.

I drive down this road every day and always drive slowly and cautiously as I’m aware it is very busy and a lot of children use it.

I have encountered on more than one occasion children stepping out into the path of my car.

I agree we need to teach our children the importance of road safety and offer them some sense of independence however I could never imagine allowing my children (at such a young age) to walk to and from school and certainly not to be in charge of a five-year-old.

I used to enjoy taking my children to and from school whenever I could and wish I still could but my children are now at secondary school and like to walk with their friends.

We must cherish the time we have with our children as they grow up so fast. Having said that, I agree that traffic calming outside all school areas would always minimise accidents.


Battle Road

St Leonards