Perhaps solution is to hibernate for six weeks

I WRITE with reference to Mr Kris Morris’s letter last week.

Mr Morris, it is quite clear that you have never had children and have never had a childhood. I was born and bred in Hastings and during that time in the summer holidays I used to make my own entertainment as it was in the early 1970s.

Let me remind you that the parents of all the children, including myself, struggle to keep the children entertained in the summer holidays due to the recession where money is really tight for everyone.

My wife has to take our children out every day in the holidays either walking or in the car (this all costs money) which we can not afford - but we find it somewhere.

When I am walking towards the town on my own and parents and children are coming towards me I move over to the kerbside to let them through safely so as the children are safe from the road, which is not a hard thing to do remembering that these children are the future of Hastings.

Myself and the wife go shopping every week or during the daytime where we have to take our children and we never seem to have any problems with other children and parents.

Going forward on this wouldnt it be better if you hibernated for six weeks and no one would get in your way?