Penbuckles owner was called away

I AM writing in response to being named in your ‘Dirty Dozen businesses’ article in last week’s paper.

It should be made clear to readers that the new grading system which has been published does not necessarily bear any relation to the cleanliness nor hygiene practices of the business involved.

Penbuckles’ grade was given after an unannounced visit from an environmental health officer made while I was called away to hospital after my mother fell ill.

The friend “holding the fort” for me was unable to lay her hands on certain paperwork, the hand wash sink had not been turned on and after three years of trading I am now being asked to change the toilet door.

Once the door has been changed I will be applying to be correctly graded.

I would like to take this opportunity to give my most heartfelt thanks to all my customers, neighbours and friends who have been outraged on my behalf, for all their kind words of support and the cards and gifts to cheer me up.

Thank you, it has been very much appreciated.



High Street