Part and parcel of growing up

I AM writing in response to Linda Taylor’s letter, who seems to have issues with the majority response to Kris Morris’s letter.

Mr Morris suggested that he was not looking forward to the next six weeks, due to children being off school, and mothers with pushchairs who are never willing to move out the way for him.

The majority response in last week’s Observer merely pointed out that Mr Morris should perhaps consider that he once fell into the very catagory he was complaining about. Children, pushchairs and stressed mums are a part of everyday life, wherever you live.

I admit that some behave worse than others and lack discipline, but all children have the tendency to misbehave at some point – it’s part of growing up.

It’s a shame that Ms Taylor found it appropriate to display such bitterness towards all the comments made regarding this, and I’m afraid readers will make assumptions about the type of person Mr Morris is when his opinions and sweeping statements regarding children are negative and irrational.

And despite what you think, I’m afraid it does suggest that Mr Morris has never had the responsibilty of looking after a child 24/7 for six weeks during the holidays, otherwise he would have first-hand experience of how difficult, exhausting, expensive and stressful this period is for parents who are often also juggling work responsibilities too.

And as to Ms Taylor’s comment about my own previous letter being written by a child – what a shame that she felt a personal attack was necessary, rather than a constructive comment. Still, I take it as a compliment.


Park Drive