Parks parking should be free

SO here we go again. Parking charges at the Fairlight Country Park.

The Fairlight Country Park was given to the town by Her Majesty The Queen when she was Princess Elizabeth after being given to her by Major Carlisle Sayer in 1952 for the people of Hastings to use at leisure, not for a milch cow for a money-wasting New Labour council.

It sold off our family silver and spent tens of thousands of pounds on speed humps punishing the majority of us for the sins of a few boy racers.

The council also spent tens of thousands of pounds on consultants and came up with a seafront which is brought to a standstill in the summer months because of bad planning.

Anyone with any sense could see that putting in a set of traffic lights at the Jerwood crossing, plus the narrowing of the seafront at the bottom of London Road to one lane, and the super wide pavement by the Deluxe leisure centre would cause congestion.

What a shame, if we had been consulted we could have saved us taxpayers thousands of pounds.


Greville Road