Parking on the grass is wrong

THE council works very hard at maintaining the parks and gardens in Hastings.

The grass is cut on all the grass verges on a regular basis. Although I expect this year with all the budget cuts it might take a back seat.

But it upsets me when driving around that grass verges have become car parking places. Cars park on them when the ground is exceptionally wet, therefore the ground is churned up and the verges end up looking like muddy fields. They are uneven and unsafe to walk on.

What is going to happen when the ground eventually dries? The grass will recover and walkers who walk on the verges will end up with twisted ankles because the ground underneath is so uneven.

The gardeners won’t be able to maintain them properly and they will look awful.

Why are drivers allowed to get away with parking on them in the first place?

I know parking is at a premium in both boroughs, Hastings and Rother, but something must be done. A few bollards or tickets even might stop this destructive practise.


Caves Road

St Leonards