Parking is a virtual nightmare

HOW I do agree with Keith Leech about the death of the Old Town and our parking problems.

Two friends came down to stay overnight. Finding continuous parking for them for this period was impossible.

It may be time to consider turning the Old Town into a carless theme park. Knock down the three main churches, build multi-storey parking on the sites. Ban all cars except leave The Bourne and access to the parking.

In the car parks install, on the ground floors, ‘virtual reality’ booths with headsets.

Visitors can then experience ‘live’ services, organised by the clergy, and ‘virtual’ tours of the former churches, accompanied by recordings of the Father Willis organ.

Open some of the really old timber-framed houses as ‘attractions’. Install a cable-car across the valley. Put funicular railways in the High Street and All Saints Street.

Organise a ghost train ride through the net huts.

Wouldn’t that be fun?


Swan Terrace