Park-and-ride is an even better scheme

I WROTE a letter to the Observer on February 7 and it’s pleasing to know that at least one of my references has been noticed – making better use of town car parks.

But we can better that for the immediate future at minimal cost – a park-and-ride.

The town has an abundance of commercial areas not all used at weekends or bank holidays, but with ample parking attached, and mostly just off the main in roads to town.

Castleham, off Battle Road, also approachable from Queensway, Ivyhouse Lane off the Ridge, for example. Traffic from the west could be diverted via Harley Shute Road, and people could make their choice whether to stay a while or carry on. And Ivyhouse Lane is approachable from the A259 Rye Road or the A21 via The Ridge. Again through traffic could use The Ridge and Queensway.

With a little help from Hastings Borough Council with costs, a cheap park-and-ride scheme could operate. Another bonus for the motorist, could be a cost saving by not having to pay the inflated parking fees.

I’m sure Stagecoach would cooperate, its depot manager has Hastings at heart, well he has hasn’t he? Look around and see the new buses in town.

One important thing to remember - if a park-and-ride scheme was introduced buses would be best not to enter the town centre. Drop off areas: train station, (via Bohemia Road) the Old Town (via Harold Road, All Saints Church). Buses could return to their pick up points without going into town.

We would have big signs saying Park For Free But Have A Ride For 90p.

As I said before I’m only trying to help the town.

But long term, more permanent car parks are needed badly. I have my views on that also.


Carnival chairman