Park and ride at Rock-a-Nore?

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Kevin Head, Old Roar Road

I am sure that the Patients of Dr Namvar greet the news that his vision for a dedicated Health Centre to replace the Surgery in Roebuck Street is very welcome.

It is appreciated that there are certain drawbacks to be overcome but we certainly will be able to cope with them.

Our Planning department over the years has certainly lacked any vision otherwise steps would have been taken to make use of this building before.

The car park at Rock-a-Nore has always been a disgrace to the town with its numerous pot holes filled with water for people to step into as they leave their vehicles.

Maybe they should look at a possible park and ride scheme to alleviate the traffic problems in Rock-a-Nore Road itself.

As employees of this town maybe they should take more heed of what the people actually need and not some way out hair brained scheme as previously been considered.

I refer to the past ideas i.e the Hotel on the Beach, The Slug etc things that were considered among others. Ideas which cost vast sums in consultancy fees but never came to fruition.