Owners must consider children

FOLLOWING on from last week’s letter on dog fouling, I would like to add my support.

I live near the lovely Combe Valley Countryside Park, an area used by dog walkers, children, local football teams and anyone who likes walking. Unfortunately, due to the selfishness and laziness of some dog owners, the fields and tracks nearby are often littered in dog mess.

Pebsham Lane, the path that leads alongside one of the fields, is absolutely covered in dogs’ mess. It is everywhere. You can’t throw a ball for your dog as it would roll in the mess and you really wouldn’t want to take a child up there as they would be treading in it.

It is truly disgusting. Many of us are responsible dog owners and pick up after our dogs, depositing it in the bins provided, but sadly there are a number of people who just don’t bother.

Dog mess is a serious health hazard. Apart from the unpleasantness of treading in it, if children fall in it and inadvertently get it in their mouths or eyes, it can cause blindness.

So please all dog owners, consider other users of the area that you like to walk in and don’t spoil it by not picking up after your dogs. You can be fined £75 if you are caught.


Bexleigh Avenue

St Leonards