Own Grown is key to bright future

AS our MP quite rightly stated in her column the real ‘Rainmakers’ in creating employment opportunities are those businesses located in Hastings that provide employment and financial support to many local residents.

Like many, I am thankful that we continue to have a wide range of private sector employers of all sizes completing the diminishing employment opportunities provided by the public sector.

The Own Grown scheme as covered by the Observer provides a great example of a local business, DVS, providing a space for local young people to learn and develop transferable skill sets that they are able to take onto future employment opportunities.

Since the publication of the article last week I have taken the opportunity once again to visit local businesses that are supporting Own Grown. It was heartening and refreshing to see them providing opportunities for our young people and hear the positive feedback from them as employers and job seekers alike.

Let’s not forget that our young people are the future of our town and as such need to be encouraged to stay and invest their future in Hastings.

It is imperative that programs such as Own Grown continue to be supported, otherwise our young people will migrate from Hastings to jobs in other parts of the Country and not return.

A clarion call then please to those business which have not yet engaged with Own Grown visit the website at www.owngrown.org.uk or get in touch at owngrown@hastings.gov.uk or 01424 451795.

The future is bright, the future is local - so let the future start today, make that pledge and start the journey.


Castle Ward Councillor

Hastings Borough Council