Overwhelmed by so many people on the coast

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AFTER my first six months of living in the St Leonards/Hastings area, I’ve noticed some differences with where we lived before in Chippenham in Wiltshire.

The population was half of that in the Hastings area so the number of cars and people everywhere has been overwhelming. People drive so fast in a very stressed way and there are parked cars everywhere as there are no available garages.

My driving has changed because of trying to miss very deep potholes and although some areas have had attention, St Leonards has been forgotten.

Generally, local people I have met are very friendly and helpful. Also, there are many things to do for all age groups.

We have experienced the Conquest Hospital and have found staff efficient and pleasant but doctors’ surgeries need updating.

Here there are many sports facilities - more than I have seen anywhere else before.

We are very impressed with the local rubbish tip on Bexhill Road. When we first arrived we had to take a lot of rubbish there from the move and it is the best we’ve seen.

I’m sure there are more differences between Wiltshire and East Sussex that we’ll notice as time goes by but for now we are looking forward to summer at the coast.


Etchingham Drive

St Leonards