Overdeveloped, underserviced

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Erica Barrett, Chairman, Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association [PFARA]

In the furore over the two latest ambitious projects for Hastings it seems to have been overlooked that these are only pretexts to obtain planning permission to build yet more housing estates on the scarce remaining open land in Hastings.

A town already overdeveloped and under-serviced. The Marina plan will put housing on a notoriously unstable shore and next to what is arguably the worst traffic bottleneck in the country. The Sports Complex (with buildings so ugly they make Prince Charles’ ‘monstrous carbuncle’ look lovely) will stand on what was once an important inlet-harbour, where the water still seeps through.

Both projects have been concocted by non-local developers. Hastings Taxpayers beware what you wish for! Be assured that the houses will happen; the Developers will pocket their money and depart, the Marina and the Sports Complex un-built. Their excuse will be that there were ‘unseen and overwhelming geological problems’ preventing both projects from going ahead.

The only winners will be the builders: the housing will come first because they claim that it is the profit from the housing that will finance the rest.