Outdated plans must be scrapped

I HAVE been reading the Development Management Plan and Hastings Planning Strategy documents with the Shaping Hastings logo, advertised in the Observer as requiring response by August 17, by 4pm.

I now note, from the Hastings Borough Council website, that publication of these documents has been put back from December 2012 to February 2013 ‘to take account of additional work needed to prepare the final version of the plan’. The delay is probably because someone’s realised how completely outdated the plans are, they should be scrapped and started over.

Much of the evidence base included in the work, which is meant to justify the plans, is inadequate or just plain wrong.

In the letters pages of the August 17 Observer, Jo Legg asks why money is being spent on empty new offices when seaside tourist attractions should be rebuilt.

Perhaps the final version of the local plan will have an explanation for this. Whether or not the people of Hastings will be given extra time to comment, or comment at all on the Hastings Local Plan intended for submission to whomever is the independent inspector, is unclear.


Braybrooke Terrace