Outdated buses are dangerous

I AM writing after reading Jeremy and Rosemary Goring’s excellent correspondence published in the letters page of the Observer which concerned the awful state of some of the buses Stagecoach currently operate within this town.

I wholeheartedly agree that there desperately needs to be urgent investment by the company in an upgrade of some of its outdated bus fleet, but especially the ones that serve route 26A to the Conquest Hospital.

Although we who are unfortunate enough to be reliant on this service are used to delays and cancellations, it wasn’t until last week that the dangerous nature of some of these ‘antiquated’ buses was brought dramatically home to me.

My wife, who has the misfortune to have to use this route every day to get to and from work, found herself trapped between the bus doors when they suddenly slammed shut on her head as she was attempting to get off.

To make matters even worse, it took the driver several frantic attempts before the doors finally opened, the pain and subsequent mental disorientation she suffered caused her GP to diagnose a concussion injury.

In view of this and perhaps together with the growing calls for these buses to be withdrawn from service, it must be hoped that before the Stagecoach enquiry into my wife’s appalling incident has been concluded, that there will have been some positive and long-overdue action taken by the company in order to rectify this situation before something far more serious occurs.


Vicarage Road