Our committee deserves praise

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WHAT a lovely letter from Valerie Spurgeon from Chelmsford City, Essex, praising the efforts by carnival committee and our strong band of enthusiasts who every year put on a wonderful carnival in the Old Town of Hastings. Their imaginations and ideas amaze us all.

Perhaps you missed the Pram Race by a day or two, but another great event organised by the carnival committee. You must put this one in your diary for 2014.

It pleases me to know that from out of town there are people who enjoy what we do, and join the Hastings folk all the way, by their attendance and the coins that fill our collecting pots and buckets each year. The lifeboat has been part of the parade for about four years now, and its appearance as you say is awesome and the collections from the crew show this.

This year we had the best weather one could hope for, and almost a record turnout of floats and public support. Planning for 2014 has already started and we look forward to a repeat of 2013.

Many thanks to you all.


Carnival chairman

The Ridge