Other roads are potholed

I invariably applaud the views of your correspondent Simon Stoddart, but I have to disagree with his last letter to the Observer.

Tower Road has by no means the worst road surface, or rather lack of it, in Hastings.

If there is to be a Hastings’ Horrid Highways (HHH) competition there are worthier nominations for the title. Parker Road, the lower stretch of Elphinstone Road, and Braybrooke Road at the park gates end are all strong contenders. But the Golden Award must surely go to Dordrecht Way, which divides Alexandra Park in two?

This road also merits bonus points for its vicious sleeping policemen (Parker Road qualifies here too), with their often-jagged edges.

Readers may have other suggestions for such a competition. The prize could be a bucket of tarmacadam with which the original proposer of the winning HHH could fill in their favourite hole.

Erica Barrett

The Ridge