Open spaces must be maintained

I WRITE in connection with the article Mayor made redundant after more than 35 years, by Richard Gladstone, in the Observer (November 22).

I was sorry to hear that HBC (Hastings Borough Council) has made six landscape gardeners redundant including the Mayor of our town – Alan Roberts.

Surely being as though they were working to keep the borough’s parks and gardens in tip top shape giving pleasure to all – HBC would have thought twice.

Six are not many to keep our town’s landscapes a pleasure to see. My question – without these workers, our parks, gardens might end up looking such a sight; no one will visit, or is HBC actually hoping for this?

I wonder what they will look like perhaps 50 years down the line – will we have many more eyesores similar to the building site printed on the front page?


Stonehouse Drive

St Leonards