Only under-18s need a sponsor

AS president of Hastings and Rother Credit Union, I was delighted to read Amber Rudd MP’s article in the Observer (February 1) House to Home: Time to earn credit, in which she extolled the benefits of the credit union particularly for those who will be affected by the welfare changes coming in later this year. We were also delighted to welcome her as a member.

However, I must correct one factual error in her piece. In explaining how easy it is to join, she writes ‘You’ll also need a sponsor to complete your application’. This is only the case if you are under 18 and wish to become a junior member. I don’t wish to appear ungallant but I believe Ms Rudd is over 18 so did not need a sponsor.

It is easy to join the credit union and the benefits of membership are obvious to more than 1,200 local resident members as well as all housing associations which operate in the area, Hastings, Rother and East Sussex Councils, Citizen’s Advice, HARC and the other voluntary organisations that support vulnerable people.

It will become even easier to make use of a credit union account shortly when we start offering a pre-paid debit card to enable members to access their savings without the risk of running into debt. Full details of the benefits of membership of the credit union and membership forms can be found at


President of Hastings and Rother Credit Union