Only the location is being queried

I WRITE in defence of Glenn Veness, who has not questioned the concept of the Jerwood, merely its location.

He is a man who has a passion for Hastings, and who has recorded many events over recent decades, defining the magic of this town.

His films capture the individuals and events which make Hastings special. Mr Veness clearly appreciates The Stade and feels protective of its heritage and tradition – which is surely not a bad thing?

I believe he is simply advising that we watch out for pot-holes before we jump on the bandwagon of progress.

For Hastings to remain vibrant, we must take advantage of the opportunities we are offered, without necessarily letting go of traditions that have shaped the character of this unique town.

Refusing to acknowledge any potential detrimental effect of development is blinkered, and hampers true vision.

Undermining individuals on a personal level whose opinions do not match one’s own is counter-productive to any reasoned argument and narrow-minded in itself – whether it comes from the ‘Luddites’ or those on the latest passing bandwagon.

I suggest anyone who considers Mr Veness a Luddite should see one of his films.


West Hill Road

St Leonards