Olympic torch news fantastic for our town

IT is truly fantastic news that the Olympic torch will be coming to Hastings next year, and staying the night.

Great credit must go to John Hodges and his committee for working on this project for more than five years.

If it not been for John this would not have happened, and it has to be said, Hastings Borough Council (HBC) hardly got involved in anything to do with the Olympics.

The Observer has published my three previous letters on the subject, the first immediately after the successful bid, saying the council should take a lead for Olympic connections.

We failed to put in a bid for hosting a team, when all around us were successful. I said at the time we would regret not getting involved.

But at least we have the torch.

This is just one half of the two projects left, the other is for Hastings to be featured in the opening ceremony, and a number of people have been working on this.

I do hope now that HBC will now get on board this unique opportunity, and fully support arrangements for Tuesday, July 17, to make it a very special day for Hastings.

I can also now reveal, that subject to permission being granted, the Hastings Half Marathon Brass for 2012 will feature the Olympic torch.

Could I also take the opportunity of making it clear Olympic arrangements for torch bearers, means initial nominees will all go into a ballot.

So it will be a question of luck, as to who goes forward to the next selection process, which will be announced in December.

Good luck to all nominees.


Race director,

Hastings Half Marathon