Obstacles litter the route of organisers

THIS week two of your correspondents struck a chord.

Firstly Bob Morgan’s very sensible letter pointing out that a lack of parking in and around the Old Town is killing local events.

Not only does this affect carnival but also Jack-in-the-Green.

Our visiting teams cannot believe that there is nowhere for them to park for the weekend close to where they are performing.

There isn’t even anywhere for bands performing; they have to quickly unload then drive across town to find somewhere.

I have no idea where the huge influx of visitors to the new Jerwood Gallery are meant to go. It isn’t only over the festival weekend we have problems.

The local Morris dance teams all practise in the Old Town, and yet are finding it increasingly difficult to park and often members simply go back home again after driving around for half an hour.

Everybody welcomes the concept of the open space and if something is actually happening there nobody would mind; but to see it sitting there empty while visitors who could be contributing to the local economy go elsewhere is simply a waste.

Then Barbara Rogers in another letter speaks about St Mary-in-the-Castle. A fine venue and one we use every year.

When operating an event as big as Jack-in-the-Green we need a business plan that runs at least a year in advance, if not more.

Yet for the past few years continual prevarication by the council about the availability of this venue has made planning difficult.

Once again all I can see is obstacles being thrown in the way. I cannot see how either of these half-baked plans contribute to the local economy.

Please quit putting obstacles in the way and allow us who are trying our best for the town (for I might add no personal financial reward) get on with.


chairman of