Nothing but self-congratulatory waffle

ONLY politicians! All this self congratulatory waffle about eventually getting round (26 years late) to doing what many thought should’ve been done at the time when the Pembury Bypass was built in 1988 - and widen the A21 through to Tonbridge where that cart track starts to resemble a highway.

It was glaringly obvious then - and even more so now with the huge increase in traffic - that a bottleneck had been created by the decision at the time not to do the job properly as the “That’ll do” option was exercised. We now have to spend £90 million to finish the job off.

Things haven’t changed much. The Polegate bypass provides that motorists’ backwater, East Sussex, with a rare luxury - dual carriageway - but only from the outskirts of Polegate onto the A22. The section back to the Pevensey roundabout was built as a single carriageway despite there being plenty of room to do the job properly and dual that new stretch of road as well. And who knows - in a rare outburst of common sense - maintain the momentum and dual that road through to the outskirts of Little Common.

But then when you look at what the pointed hat transport departments have conjured up in recent years - de-dualling the dual carriageway at Flimwell while doing next to nothing about that lethal crossroads and very recently deciding Ravenside doesn’t warrant a basic railway station, maybe we should be grateful for whatever we get.

I’m sure we all feel very thankful when the Government announces millions put aside for road repairs - while overlooking that the pot holed shambles we wreck our cars on daily came about largely as a result of Government cut backs.

Only politicians!


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