Not at all surprised by dog attack news

I WAS very saddened and disgusted to read about the poor Border terrier that was savaged up at Ecclesbourne Glen last week, but not at all surprised.

Both my dogs have been victims of dog attacks in the last few weeks.

My dogs have been attacked by the same dog (not the dogs that killed the terrier). My vet bill has amounted to more than £300 and has left both my dogs and myself very nervous of walking in public.

Through my own detective work I found out where the culprit lived and then reported the incident to the council. I have to say it has been fantastic. Two street wardens visited us at home took pictures of my dogs’ injuries and took statements. They have been keeping us informed all through the process.

I can’t elaborate on events as the council is now taking the culprit to court. I have been spreading the word about the attack to fellow dog walkers and it seems this incident is not a one-off and now other people have come forward to complain, which is great. I want to encourage other victims to make a stand and not to let these people get away with it (and it is the owners, not the dogs who are to blame).

I really believe the only way to stop these incidents is to make everyone aware of them so these owners can’t hide. Maybe as a long-term solution we need some sort of restrictions on breeding and stop the problem before it is created, there are so many unwanted dogs looking for homes already.

My heart goes out to the owners of this poor little dog I can only imagine how they must be feeling, I feel bad enough and my dogs will recover.


St Helen’s Road