Not a big fan of Margaret

BARONESS Thatcher was a controversial politician who certainly does not deserve the unthinking support of Councillor Rob Cooke.

She did not cut taxes, except for the rich, the rest of us suffered increased VAT and the dreadful poll tax.

She destroyed manufacturing industry and began the disastrous privatisation of crucial areas such as energy, telecoms and transport. Even her alleged triumph, the Falklands War, was the consequence of thoughtless cuts in public spending which led to the withdrawal of HMS Endurance which was seen by Argentina as an invitation to invade.

Any economic advances in the 1980s were due to North Sea oil, not the Conservatives. I think that the councillor should read Amber Rudd’s piece in the same edition of the Observer. Ms Rudd manages to keep a sense of proportion and probably identifies Thatcher’s only claim to fame: she was a woman Prime Minister.


Plynlimmon Road