Nonsense spread about benefits

I FIND it a little sad that I have to write this letter in 2013.

After seeing Kevin Carlyon’s letter in your paper a few weeks ago drawing a parallel between the lady finding a caterpillar in her food and the issue of immigration, I was prepared to just ignore this lazy peddling of lies against the asylum-seeking population, but now I saw a letter last week in praise of his observations from Kirstie Young, I can’t let it pass by.

Let us get one racist myth out of the way. Asylum seekers do not get a free car. Or a subsidised car. Or a council house. The ‘free car’ myth was something started by the BNP in its election pamphlet some years ago.

It was latched onto by lazy journalists, who couldn’t be bothered checking actual facts and now seems to have seeped into the consciousness of parts of society.

If you really want to know what benefits asylum seekers get, go to the source of this and look on the Home Office website under ‘asylum support’.

For the record, the Home Office will provide accommodation while a person’s claim is being assessed. The cash support is £36.62 per week. There is not, nor has there ever been, a car.

This kind of nonsense perpetrates the kind of ill-thought out rubbish that I am tired of hearing around this town.


Cambridge Gardens