No wonder no action is taken

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Erica Barrett, Chairman, Pilot Field Area, Residents’ Association, The Ridge, Hastings

Since East Sussex County Council (ESCC) Highways Department were given legal responsibility for all Hastings’ roads, our citizens seem to be permanently engaged in battle with ESCC Highways over its lack of action on the appalling traffic problems of this town.

So when I saw a person in a high-viz coat seated by the roadside holding a clipboard and pen I assumed that at last ESCC was responding to pleas to review our neglected roads. But when I approached to ask what exactly was being surveyed, that person was deeply asleep.

Also, on top of the clipboard, hiding all but the margins of rows of text and tick boxes, was a large word-puzzles book open at a partly completed puzzle.

This may explain why so little is done by ESCC to solve Hastings’ snarled-up streets: our county council is but a sleeping partner of the National Roads Network.

How can we ever get the desperately needed improvements to Hastings’ roads, from potholes to traffic-jams, if not only ESCC councillors apparently slumber through Hastings’ agenda items, but the data their field workers produce is literally dreamed up?

If only the full-time Highways staff would leave the cosiness of County Hall and actually see for themselves how pedestrians and motorists suffer here, we might get some remedial action.

On the other hand, they might fall asleep at the wheel while waiting at the three sets of Bourne traffic lights, or to make a right turn onto The Ridge at the totally uncontrolled junction at the top of Elphinstone Road.