No to new business park

The new road now started to link Queensway, The Ridge and the A21 is much in the news.

There are two parts to the issue of this new road but they have become tangled together and need to be considered separately.

Part one was the original idea of a Baldslow Link Road. It was what all of us who live or depend on The Ridge fought for years: a new road to eliminate the permanent traffic jams at both ends of Junction Road, thereby taking pressure off the overburdened Ridge.

Part two is the revised plan, now named Queensway Gateway Road. This road is to be buried within a business ‘park’ with no less than three roundabouts; no doubt to accommodate the extra traffic the ‘park’ will create.

So while the new road is meant to ease congestion on The Ridge, the business park will create traffic, probably negating most of the new road’s benefits. Therefore while we were delighted to finally gain a Baldslow Link Road, we are dismayed that we have to have it in the form of a Queensway Gateway Road Business Park.

Far from a road edged with greenery like the existing Queensway, there will be acres of concrete with quick-built workshop units perched on top. Yet the new Queensway Exchange estate lies virtually empty and much of the Ponswood Estate is derelict.

Please let’s keep the two issues separate: yes to the A21/Ridge link road, no to this business park.

Anyone in power prepared to support taxpayers’ views? No, we thought not.

Erica Barrett


Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association