No thought given to us road users

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Simon Stoddart, Queens Road, Hastings

I exchanged emails with ESCC around a year ago regarding the final bit of the Hastings Bexhill Link Road, connecting Queensway with Sedlescombe Road North.

I can’t find those emails but am reasonably sure I was told the road should’ve been scheduled for completion in March 2017 but was thought to be running a couple of months late.

The end of 2017 is nigh and there is still no sign whatsoever of this road being finished and the interminable delays and snarl ups on Ridge West are just that – interminable.

Does anybody at ESCC have any idea of what it’s like for road users in Hastings who have The Ridge West area inflicted upon them with some quite appalling jams from five directions – Ridge Eastwards, Ridge Westwards, Junction Road, Maplehurst Road and Harrow Lane.

Any news at all as to when the new road will be completed?

And talking of jams – that decision by someone to shut St Helens Road for nine weeks – presumably to effect repairs caused by several years of no maintenance.

Once again, does anybody at ESCC connected with this decision have the remotest idea of the hassle caused to road users in Hastings?

It rubbed salt in the wound recently to find The Green in St Leonards at a stand all the way to already very busy Silverhill because of four way controlled temporary traffic lights for road works.

I accept that there will be occasions when such work has to be done at short notice – but it looked to me as best I could see that no work had taken place at the time and that all the lights and barriers had been put up for the convenience of the contractors who, presumably, were starting work the next day.

No thought once again for the tax paying road user who, at the end of the day, is paying for this shambles.