No thought given to people in area

Can anyone explain the thought processes of our council’s planning department, regarding the proposed visitor centre at the country park.

Over the many years that we have used the area as a place where one can spend a fantastic day enjoying a day far from the noise and traffic of the town, where one can commune with nature, our planners have decided to replace the current visitor centre (which admittedly needs replacing) with a centre comprising lookouts, restaurant and so on. One can draw comparisons with the carbuncle that Rocklands built and which has now to be removed. Hastings Borough Council now wants to build another in an area of great natural beauty at the country park.

There has been no thought given to the people who live in the area, nor to the small but delightful restuarant near the church which will surely lose its trade, nor to the rubbish that normally comes with this sort of build.

Take heed, planners you should back down and rethink before committing to this folly.

Kevin Head

Old Roar Road

St Leonards