No signs for free parking

THE council announced free parking in the December 17 issue of the Observer for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

My other half and myself went down town on Boxing Day and parked in the car park off South Terrace.

There was no notice on the pay machine and a lot of cars had paid for their tickets.

We spoke to some people who were returning to their cars and they hadn’t seen the announcement in the Observer.

We purchased a ticket and made our way to Priory Meadow, en route we checked the parking machine outside M&S, no notice.

So Hastings Borough Council where are these ‘free’ parking places?

On the West Hill and Linton Road I expect.

It seems that the council is a little bit shy about its ‘free parking’ or more like Scrooge.

It took away free Sunday parking which incensed me and it’s about time it gave something back to Hastings residents.

By the way, some people don’t have computers nor laptops so are unable to glean the information that Hastings Borough Council has on its website.


Park Avenue