No show for films of any substance

Stan & Ollie SUS-190115-114157001
Stan & Ollie SUS-190115-114157001

From: Verna Lodder, Bulverhythe Road, St Leonards

I am writing this letter to express my irritation and annoyance that the Odeon Cinema in Hastings continue to show films of no substance generally catering for the hoi polloi who aren’t even given the chance to know the difference with films that don’t generally get nominated.

Occasionally you get a gem but that’s just it, now and then... Stan and Ollie is a case in point. Will they show Green Book I wonder, because they should, it’s a great film.

The Silver Screen is not on for half term. Since when do children take precedence over the elderly who can often be isolated and the cinema is an escape route at 11am on a Monday (save half term week). It used to be twice a week. It’s such a shame...