No responsibility for own rubbish

From: Joan Bones, Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings

Firstly, on reading the piece about the Pier Jam event, one’s first reaction is to blame the organisers and they must and do share the blame for the resulting mess left on the pier after the event.

However, it strikes me that this whole matter is so indicative of people’s attitudes these days towards the rubbish that they create.

There is a comment that there were not enough bins around the event and that was wrong but what happened to being responsible for carrying away your own rubbish and either putting it in a bin on the way home or actually taking it home and recycling it? That is what I would have done and I know there will have been a few who did that but it is quite obvious that those attending the event took no responsibility whatsoever for keeping the area clean. This is consistent with litter across our country.

My other small observation is about the supposed lack of buses on Bexhill Road. I hear it quite often said by people that they never see a bus on this road. Whilst not necessarily supporting the bus lanes I would like to point out that the 99 bus, which runs three times an hour from 8am until 6pm and hourly before and after those times, is an excellent way of travelling between Hastings and Bexhill and Eastbourne. I am a driver but do dread the day when I am again reduced to being that ‘second class citizen’ who has no choice but to use public transport!

I do not denigrate public transport, but car drivers’ attitudes to it.