No privatisation

I am 72-years-old, and myself and my family have enjoyed the benefits of the NHS since we were born.

The thought of a privatised NHS, and that entails, will remove from their grasp and the grasp of others, a service which i think is the best in the world.

I spend a lot of my time in the USA and whilst some pundits talk highly of their system, it is elitist, creating a ‘them and us’ situation, and it often doesn’t measure up and fails to meet expectations and obligations.

It is monetarily driven, and if we adopt this type of medical service then I think we have it got it seriously wrong.

So, on behalf of my family, my children and grandchildren, I say: ”Leave the NHS alone, it is not broken so don’t fix it.” I implore all doctors to stand up for our great NHS system and support their communities by saying no to privatisation.


Cumberland Gardens,

St Leonards