‘No party politics in police force’

IN recent weeks several letters have appeared in the pages of this newspaper to challenge a notion which I suspect many of your readers also find objectionable.

On November 15 all of your readers who are eligible to vote will be asked to choose a Police and Crime Commissioner whose role will include setting the strategic direction for Sussex Police.

It is widely assumed (by those who are members of various political parties, and other political commentators) that the outcome of this election is a foregone conclusion.

That the Conservative candidate will be elected as ‘PCC’ and the runner-up will be Godfrey Daniel, who regularly appears in these pages, being a well-known local councillor.

Statistically this is a likely outcome. However it depends on the readers of this paper ignoring the wise words of Michael Plumbe, Victor Chalcraft and Alison Cooper and many other people who I have spoken to personally.

Along with these three letter writers, I too believe that residents of Sussex deserve a police force that is free from party politics.

This is one of the reasons why I am standing in the election on November 15.

My website is www.ian4pcc.com, phone number 07976 811654 and postal address is 85 Hollingbury Rise, Brighton BN1 7HH.


Prospective Independent Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex

Hollingbury Rise