No parking zone in Bohemia

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Please may we respond to your article on page four of last week’s Observer?

Firstly, please can we thank everyone who responded to our survey about possible controlled parking in Bohemia. The result was 27 in favour and 80 against. Clearly, with this result, there will be no controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Bohemia.

As all Bohemians know, parking has been a problem for many years. Recently, a number of residents have asked us for a CPZ in Bohemia. It was against this background that we decided to undertake a survey and establish the views of both residents and traders.

Some years ago we worked with local residents and traders to establish a CPZ in the streets north of Warrior Square Station. This has been a big success – one resident said: “It’s the best thing the council has ever done”. The area is now much pleasanter to live in with a distinct change in the ‘atmosphere’ of the streets. Of course, Bohemia is different from these streets, but we felt that it was very important that residents and traders were given an opportunity to express their views.

In conclusion, there were two benefits from the consultation. Firstly, the vote is very clear and this does mean that there need be no further discussions about controlled parking in the Bohemia area for the foreseeable future – the subject has been ‘put to bed’. Of course, we are always willing to receive complaints about illegal parking.

Secondly, many residents have told us about specific issues relating to local roads. On-street parking and all matters relating to local roads and pavements are the responsibility of East Sussex County Council (ESCC). We have passed the forms to ESCC officers to look at the comments and advise us what action, if any, can be taken to improve local roads. We do not wish to raise residents’ hopes because ESCC has very little money for improvements to local roads and pavements.

Lastly, we would like to mention the Bohemia Area Residents and Traders Association. This body of local volunteers has done a great deal of work to improve Bohemia over the last 12 years. We encourage all local residents and traders to get involved. Details of meetings are posted on the notice board on Newgate Road.

Councillor Andrew Cartwright

Hastings Borough Council

Councillor Kim Forward

Hastings Borough Council

Councillor Trevor Webb

East Sussex County Council