No nimbyism

CONGRATULATIONS on the enlightened stance taken in last week’s ‘Comment’ on housing homeless people.

It is very encouraging to see a local paper giving the facts rather than pandering to nimbyism as so often happens with the national press when seeking to encourage controversy.

Anyone who has seen examples of where some homeless families end up, with shared facilities in sub-standard accommodation, should surely be encouraged to read of the arrangements described for our homeless people on this site.

I am assured that we are talking about local homeless, and how right you are to say that such circumstances could happen to any one of us in this uncertain world.

It would be good news to hear that those reasonable residents in the neighbourhood intend to get together and liase with a representative of the hotel and (hopefully) Hastings Borough Couuncil, to monitor how things work out.

Again - as you advise, it is ‘how the place is run’ which will be a deciding factor.

It should be a lot easier to deal with problems that may arise here, than with unruly and unreasonable neighbours for whom no one has any responsibility.

As one reasonable resident is quoted as saying “We should live and let live”- surely sound advice to be followed? Thank you for a balanced report.


Linton Court

Linton Road