No need for bus lanes

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FURTHER to last week’s article on the A259 proposed bus lanes, may I please make the following observations:

1, There are on average five Stagecoach buses that use this part of the road per hour in each direction, not forgetting school buses and other company buses so let’s be fair and say six buses per hour in each direction Monday to Saturday, on Sundays and Bank Holidays, two per hour.

2. East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is correct that the provision of bus lanes was a condition of planning approval. However. if the reduction in traffic volume on that section of the A259 is as great as it states then the traffic delays will disappear and hence journey times will improve.

3. So why did ESCC hide all of this from the public till recently?

4. A total waste of money time and disturbance to people living along this road not forgetting the various businesses who will also suffer.

5. Please do enlighten me how the hell is the junction at Harley Shute Road eastbound going to work, bus lane on the left, forward and right in right lane, if one vehicle wants to turn right everything comes to a standstill in the right lane.

Please think again, there is no need to do anything and this would save having to increase the council tax a bit as ESCC wants to.


Dudley Road