No mention made of true perpetrators

IN an article published in the Observer two weeks ago, the Auschwitz concentration camp was dubbed ‘the most famous of the Polish camps’.

A reader could not find any reference to the true perpetrators, Germans, who in accordance with recent principles of political correctness, were conveniently hidden behind stateless ‘Nazis’.

To a history-ignorant reader (a fairly frequent species nowadays, particularly among the UK youths), if the camp was ‘Polish’ hence the Poles had to run it, which seemed even more probable, as they were not mentioned as the first Auschwitz victims, who were being killed there in scores even before the first (and many more numerous) Jews were brought to this death factory. The author probably wishes to explain that the adjective Polish was used in a purely geographical term, referring to the fact that the city of Oswiecim currently belongs to Poland. However, this is obviously not how such a phrase may be understood.

This phrase, in fact, may be seen as a manipulative lie and was already denounced and condemned by the American Jewish Committee in an official press release.