No excuse for this lack of ceremony

I WOULD like to write in full support of Peter Finch’s letter re: the mayor-making and the arrogant complacency with which it was conducted.

I have no party political allegiances of any kind and am not a man from a fading generation.

I popped in to see the mayor-making when passing and was so upset by the lack of style and sense of occasion and the obvious contempt of the current Labour councillors who were clearly reluctantly going through the motions.

I had seen the previous Mayor Kim Forward on a few occasions and was always unsettled by what appeared to be her lack of enthusiasm mirrored by Labour’s obvious agenda to dispel any of the dignity and few proud trappings of an ancient office.

They cannot argue about cost – minimal when they enthuse about all the display and paraphernalia they are backing for the running of the Olympic Torch through the streets for a couple of hours.

What, in my view, is equally repellent is that not once has the council said anything or made any comment to commemorate the great national occasion this year, the Diamond Jubilee.

After all Cllr Birch, we are not yet a republic. Young and old will with joy, make an effort to celebrate in spite of you. The Queen’s legacy will endure for generations long after your politically correct colleagues have left office.

Enjoy your time new Labour group and I hope any forthcoming replacements for what appears to me to be a politically obsessed, humourless bunch, will bring back something of local colour and history – things which are usually cherished in the great political diversity of other European cultures, and which cut across generations.


Montgomery Road