No excuse for all this filth

WHEN Hastings entered for City of Culture, I had to check the date as I thought it was April 1.

I was born in Hastings before the war, so I love the old place - let’s get that straight, but it’s filthy!

Don’t our councillors check the work of all these various contractors? They charge top whack and you only have to look at the filthy streets, dirty bus stops and filth hanging out of waste bins, with open doors swinging on their hinges, to realise the contractors don’t care because it’s only Hastings and they get away with it.

On a lovely summer evening I went to use the loo opposite Warrior Square and was literally up to my ankles in water - the bowl full to the brim. There were other people desperate to use a loo but couldn’t.

The contracts handed out are so enormous that is should be the council’s priority to check the work is being done properly and taxpayers money is getting best value. But of course, I forget, it’s only Hastings - they can get away with it.

Have you walked through Alexandra Park lately? Looks like we got the last of the flower selection again this year. Lots of funerial mauve!

These conditions would not be tolerated by Eastbourne Council. It wants value for taxpayers’ money and insists on getting it - and it shows.

It would not allow filthy streets like ours. But of course, it’s only Hastings.


Pevensey Road