No evidence of action on dogs

IT would appear that nothing has changed since the Marline Road incident when two dogs attacked up to eight people.

Sussex Police had to apologise on TV saying they should have handled it better. One dog had already bitten someone previously.

You wrote an article in your paper after this when the police and the council promised to toughen up on these dogs. There is no evidence of this.

Dogs are still walking along pavements off the lead. I was bitten by a dog off the lead and without its owner.

A few weeks ago you ran an article on a Lurcher that had been savaged twice costing the owner hundreds of pounds.

What do the owners of these out of control dogs do? Usually run away, not even an apology, and no offer to pay the vet’s bill.

A local vet said they had already treated five dogs this year which had been attacked. What should be done? The dog licence should be brought back and all dogs should be microchipped.

Anyone who has their dog off the lead in a public place should be fined on the spot. Farmers have suffered from irresponsible dog owners. Many have had sheep killed and lambs have been aborted.

All dogs should be on leads on farmland. It would be sensible to carry a mobile phone preferably one which takes photos for evidence if an attack takes place. There should be a special number for an attack whether on a dog or person though sadly, this would not have prevented the death of that poor pensioner who was killed by a dog a few days ago.


Croft Road