No evidence move secures buildings

I’M writing to agree with Bob Hart (Your Views, Observer, June 14) and his observations on the inactivity of Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS).

However, the heading ‘Structures need to be listed’ is wrong; there’s no evidence that compiling new lists of ‘significant buildings’ in any way helps secure them.

Perhaps a clue is in the name, OHPS has gone for the preserve word, as in lists and maps and photographs preserve our heritage. If the intention was to save our heritage by opposing various schemes, protect may have been used instead, it’s more active.

With council support, OHPS is established to mollify concerns over the built environment; Mr Hart’s list of recent losses demonstrates the efficacy of the scheme.

Soon, Magdalen Road Convent and Warrior Square Station can be added to his list. Later in the Observer, page 16, Cllr Birch is quoted saying: “We pride ourselves on the town’s appearance and take a very hard line on our ‘grotbusting’ approach to untidy and derelict buildings.” Maybe OHPS should give a short tour of Pelham Crescent, to see the disgrace, or do the lists come first?


Tower Road West

St Leonards